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Welcome to my blog. It only took me 30 years to start one. I felt as if I had nothing to say prior to being 30. Which was sad, because everyone has a voice, and everyone should share their message.

The last decade has been one of discovery where I learnt that one single positive message at exactly the right time can change the course of someone’s life – for the better.

I believe we are all on this planet to improve the lives of those around us.

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Is it worthwhile tuning into the BBO.SHOW?

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Like most online business and digital marketing questions we get, the answer is, it depends. So the next question is, what does it depend on?

But before I get into that let me talk through what the BBO.SHOW is through my personal lens. I say personal because I have a co-host. If someone follows anything I do online you are probably wondering, ‘Harms, don’t you do anything by yourself?’. The answer as it currently stands is, ‘that is way less fun than having a buddy to do it with’.

My property business has as a buddy – my wife. The Growth Tribes Podcast has a buddy – Dr Ro. My digital marketing agency has a whole bunch of buddies. And the BBO.SHOW has a buddy – Kyle Balmer.

Back to what the BBO.SHOW is. BBO stands for Building Businesses Online. Which is way too long of a phrase to have used as the show title, so we will have to await the adoption of the acronym BBO over time. BBO.SHOW is a way in which Kyle and I can share online business ‘how-to’ with an audience who may currently be mystified by the whole concept of being able to make money online.

The mystical feeling around online business comes from the lack of differentiating tools & techniques from sound business principles. Search Engine Optimisation, Fulfilled by Amazon, Dropshipping, Teeshirt print on demand, Landing Pages, Chat Bots, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, Linked In Organic Reach, Funnels – are what we would consider a tool or technique. 

A business, however, works on the basis that there is an idea/product/service that the market wants/needs. Attracts an audience to this idea/product/service. Builds trust with this audience in exchange for permission to market to them (we call this a tribe). Offering the tribe the idea/product/service. Finally scaling once your idea/product/service is profitable. 

You may be reading this thinking, ‘that process you just described sounds like a classic (boring) business’. Your thinking is absolutely correct. Which leads me back to the BBO.SHOW and what it is. It’s about the transference of these boring business fundamentals (which we define within the acronym BATON) to the online world. Because although the shiny tools & techniques glisten on your news feed and therefore grab our attention, we shouldn’t miss the fact that online business is just a business.

So is listening to the show worthwhile? It depends on your focus. If your focus is to discover how to create a sustainable business online then absolutely. If your focus is for a quick win using a shiny tool & technique then definitely not.


What did getting my blood test open my eyes to

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This was not a normal blood test where I was trying to identify my blood type. Which as it happens I don’t know what my type is. Nor was it an unusual blood test where my ancestral heritage could be decoded. It’s probably something in between, where my blood was analysed for how healthy it is and how unhealthy it is. Something particularly cool about this form of analysis was its ability to pinpoint certain issues, in my case, with my lungs.

By the way, I am totally OK and thank you for your concern. But I may not have been. In my past career, before I became unemployable and detested the idea of a commute, I would be apart of a team of about 3-4 men (occasionally a female but its rare for the Railway Engineering industry), of which 50% were cigarette smokers. I emphasise cigarette smokers because these were the hardcore type, who invested in these packets which cost the same as purchasing gold bullion. Looking back on it this group did not get the memo that smoking cigarettes was no longer cool or the idle nature of the work made it an acceptable pass time, either way, the result of this was, I became a passive smoker.

Heres the kicker, I didn’t truly realise the impact of this till 10 years later when the blood analyst said ‘Wow, I’m glad to see your lungs are improving, have you ever been a smoker?’. Which prompted a disapproving look from my wife. The truth is, I have never smoked nor tried a cigarette (which was my appeal case on the way home to clear my name and admit ‘I had a boring’ childhood). The reality however was I had been a smoker through no obvious fault of my own.

Putting the blood test aside, which helped me describe one set of lungs (which are on the road to a full recovery ever since I altered my work drastically), let’s call that a micro-level insight. The macro-level insight, dare I say universal level insight, coincided with this article being written (was it the article which prompted the insight or something I was thinking about which this article re-affirmed, no idea):


The headline reads: Earths Ozone Layer is Healing. Which after years of passive smoking the Montreal Protocol has started to put a dent into humans ‘not so cool’ smoking habit. And what is the macro-level comparison to my micro-level changing my work environment? It’s a global pandemic (almost) instantly allowing the Earth to stop passive smoking, so hopefully, its lungs (like mine) take a much-needed opportunity to recover. Albeit for a short moment (unlike mine) in its entire existence.


What stands out to me when I am around high achievers?

Reading Time: 1 minuteI was not sure what word to describe these people as, so I used high achievers, these are their characteristics. By the way see if you recognise any of them in the people around you (or even within yourself)

  • Entrepreneurial instincts
  • Optimistic about everything
  • Very little negative language patterns
  • Do-ers
  • Problem solvers
  • Collaborative yet still feel the competitive urge
  • Rapid decision makers
  • Balanced logically and emotionally
  • Extreme self awareness
  • Radical open mindedness
  • Rational though observing and seeking out objective truths

(As I was writing this I wanted to include: often are wealthy, business owners and financially independent however this I feel is a byproduct of the above traits)

Does this instantly make you think of anyone? Maybe even yourself?

Now with these traits in mind, what stands out to me as clear as the West Yorkshire steams where I currently reside?

Again and again I watch as these people handle with ease, events that would consume normal peoples lives.

Events such as moving house, arranging holidays, home renovations, investment commitments, career transitions, starting a new business, pursuing a passion of theirs, learning something new, experiencing bad news and much more.

You place any one of these events in to normal persons life and it consumes their thoughts, conversations and behaviour.

You place any of these events into a high achievers life and its just a done deal.

I have sitting on the bookshelf, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s all small stuff’ and I don’t have any pull to read it at the moment because I am seeing it in these high achievers all around me.


Paid community vs. FREE community

Reading Time: 2 minutesI have always believed you get what you pay for.

I personally have paid to be a part of tribes, communities, business groups, mastermind groups, group classes.

Every single time I gained value.

Why? The answer is simple, incentives.

Before we look at a paid community. Let’s look at a FREE community.

A classic example is a networking meet or a FREE Facebook group.

For them to stay financially viable they will need to promote something. Simply understanding that most people need an income to survive will allow you to appreciate, that in order for a FREE group to stay valuable, there will be lots of promotion, advertisement and third party selling.

That is ok, because that is how the people organising the networking meet or free Facebook group make it viable financially and attract new members.

The challenge with a free group is, you join it because you think it is free. However, you are actually paying, with your attention.

If we understand that our attention is valuable, then to be honest, you would stop joining free Facebook groups. The counter argument to this is, yeah but there will be some good information in the group/networking meet every now and then. I don’t disagree, but now we are putting a worth on your attention. In this case your attention is not worth a lot, because you are willing to see 9 promotions for 1 piece of valuable information.

Alternatively, a paid community is open and honest with its incentive. Pay for access.

This immediately filters out everyone who has a low worth on their attention. Ok but what is in it of the organisers, hosts or leaders of the community? Now the business is getting paid they can focus on providing value and service to the community.

This value can come in the form of, expert information, curated content, packaged information, exclusive access, like-minded people, mentorship, coaching.

The paid community will have its own challenges, ensuring they are producing exclusive content, community management, creating a level of exclusivity around the community (trying not to drop the prices as a means of driving volume), delivering on their promises, churn, marketing and a positive culture.

But these challenges are what you pay the community organisers to handle.

I personally remember people bewildered at the fact I paid to be a part of private communities. But this soon was in my rear-view mirror as my relationships strengthened, my expert knowledge increased, I was constantly inspired by the others in the group, my business expanded and got to meet some incredible leaders.

If you have put off joining a private paid community because of the words of others. Put it into context.

It is ok to pay for your gym membership which gives you access to the best yoga, spin, fitness teachers.

It is ok to pay your annual chartership membership, to create authority in your workplace.

It is ok to pay for your monthly magazine subscription, to get non bias curated articles.

It is ok to pay to be around like-minded people.


What are you afraid of?

Reading Time: 1 minuteFear will be the single factor which stops you from achieving your goal.

Fear of what?

To answer this question we need to be totally honest with ourselves. Men will generally find this a difficult reflection.

Write this question down

Have you clearly defined the things you are afraid of?

My mentor suggested me, and my wife explore this question. 6 years into our relationship as I had no idea what she was afraid of.

Now pick one of those fears,

Imagine it,

What would happen if it came to pass?

Did you come out alive?

Was there a setback? How bad was it?

Are you able to still take a step forward?

If the answer is yes, then do that thing you were putting off.


What comes after passive income?

Reading Time: 3 minutesOk I am not a big fan of the term passive income, because it does indicate the work required to achieve the passive income is passive. Which is entirely false.

But I also know, I need to grab your attention somehow.

So, forgive me.

In my early 20’s I never thought I would be in a position to write this article. I remember reading about why Charlie Munger (and many others) pursued financial independence as a primary objective in their life. For Mr Munger it was so he could have all the time in the world to read and learn about everything the world had to offer.

Often people misunderstand why people have a dream of financial independence. They believe it is for greed, capitalism, riches, Ferraris, big houses and expensive watches. I have met hundreds of people now who are building a financial independence. I can promise you, only a few chase riches over independence.

Once I became financially independent, unlike Mr Munger, I had no idea what I wanted to do nor the reason I wanted financial independence in the first place. The only thing I knew was I was not meant to live the next 40 years as a Railway Engineer managing compliance and punching data into spreadsheets.

But when I became financially independent at the age of 27. What now? Continue to add more? Keep increasing the monthly income figure? Sure, but do I want to dedicate all my time to that? Is there more to life than money?

So since 27 I have asked the question what next?

And I will keep it universal so you can apply this to your own situation.

Imagine two 500ml measuring jugs next to eachother.

Jug 1 has your current salary in it. Let’s assume that is £2,000, and that equates to 200ml of water.

When you start working to build a passive income Jug 2 now begins to fill up. 10ml, 50ml, 100ml, 120ml.

Until Jug 2 has 200ml in it. The exact same as Jug 1.

This means your passive income is equivalent to what you earn in your job. My recommendation is to be on the safe side and keep filling up Jug 2 to approximately 300ml.

Now your passive income is greater than your job income.

You are now financially independent, which means you have choices. The choice is yours, typical examples of what people do when they are financially independent is stay in their careers, leave their job and seek their own active income, double down on their passive income strategy.

But what is next for you as a person?

Well just like the two-measuring jug scenario we can introduce two new measures.

Jug 1 is passive income

Jug 2 is passion

You now have full reign to find and live your passion. Sadly, this for many of us is locked away through the statement, ‘I don’t know what I am passionate about’.

But this is also a part of the exploration it takes to fill up the passion jug.

Till you get to a point where your passion now exceeds your passive income. This could be a measure of money, but it could also be a measure of joy you are now getting out of life.

Joy from life comes in many forms, writing, art, travel, full time parent, charity, volunteering. It is your choice.

So, when working on your financial independence, also have one eye on what is next for you. Because when all is said and done, it won’t be the amount of passive income you earned that you will remember. It will be what you did with the time the passive income bought you.


Don’t be fooled by the Instagram life

Reading Time: 1 minuteThe natural perception of an entrepreneur, business owner or digital nomad is that their life is glamourous, picture perfect – the life anyone would dream off.

I want to list the things behind the picture:

Travelling by yourself
Driving hundreds of miles
Leaving loved ones at home
Missing parties and friends’ birthdays
Losing friends
Spending weeks in isolation
Constantly thinking and strategizing
Finding it difficult to switch off
Constantly learning and improving
Working into evenings
Working into weekends
Helping others at a higher rate than they can help themselves
Watching their friends enjoy what social culture has to offer

Why does the entrepreneur not show the process? Because they put themselves in the positions they do, in order to achieve the end result, wealth, a dream life, travelling to 5 star destinations. Therefore, they will show you the result. The process to get that result is purely a necessity.

It’s nothing to brag about, they don’t need you to have perspective.

These are just some of the personal experiences I have on a weekly basis. Behind the photographs of Instagram. The flipside to this is, the people who work with us, invest money with us, know it is these traits which ensure they get a great return.


Stewardship of the planet

Reading Time: 1 minuteImagine as a human collective we were souls. After death being re-born.

Not a new concept.

We are re-born into a new human vessel, to continue the stewardship of the planet and its new children. Our consciousness evolves after each rebirth & therefore our collective consciousness heightens.

What does a heightened collective consciousness look like. Think about the most influential souls on the planet.

They want to free people
Replant destroyed forests
Protect endangered animal species
Move to a plant-based diet
Invest in the least funded nations
Share information freely
Connect people from one side of the planet to another
Allow travel to experience different cultures

To appreciate the planet and its children.

These actions are of those with a heightened consciousness.

If we do happen to be souls who return again, to continue our true job, a steward to the planet and a guide for the children.

Then we have a strong reason to be for positive change.

To give our souls and the souls of our children a beautiful planet to return to.


Why perfection is slowing you down

Reading Time: 1 minutePerfection is simply a disguise for fear.

Fear they won’t like it, fear they will laugh, fear it won’t make any sales, fear it will get a bad review.

The thought of perfection forgets two things:

There are 7 billion people on this planet. Of which you cannot possibly know what they are all thinking. Therefore it’s impossible to know what the end judgement will be.


To worry about something that has not happened yet removes you from the present time. Which means you are not living.

Seek the thrill of doing something now. Post it, write it, draw it, build it, say it, film it. Share it.

Whatever you create. If it is from a place of honesty, integrity and authenticity.

Then it already is perfect.


Ignorance on earthly matters is no longer an option

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn a time where there are still frequent attacks of terror, war still wages on, large corporations only mission is growth, ecosystems are lost for ever, leaders of the free world brush aside climate change and the middle class grows therefore so does consumption.

It is worth reminding ourselves that the planet earth, whether it is flat, round, triangular or hexagonal – has existed for 4.543 billion years.

And us humans have existed for about 200,000 years of this.

So, within an incredibly short time frame we have potentially taken the planet to a point it cannot come back from.

Imagine this, an 80-year-old woman has had a fantastic life, unbelievable. Then at the age of 81 she is attacked. At the age of 82 she robbed. At the age of 83 she no longer wants to live.

This is no different to what we have done to planet earth.

The optimist in me however believes we will turn this around as the consciousness raises in the younger generations. Their beliefs are now being championed by influential celebrities who risk their careers by making a stand for some of the most important issues of our time.

We are now seeing:

Children across Europe strike for climate change

Reducing the plastic footprint

Moving to a plant-based diet

Protecting endangered wildlife ecosystems

The optimistic in me believes we have a chance.

How can we contribute?

Firstly, don’t be ignorant on the subject. Get yourself aware and educated.

Don’t believe in any of this? Believe that climate change doesn’t exist? Believe that the meat and dairy industry have no effect on the planet?

Fast forward 200 years, and just say for instance it all turned out to be true. How would you explain this to your great, great, great grandchildren?

Or is that also the job of your countries leaders? Would you want to take the chance?

Raise your awareness, consciousness, common sense and get educated on the subject!

It will drive better decisions. I am not saying go all eco, change your way of live drastically, stop using electricity.

We demanded this convenience and the corporations supplied it. This is not on them.

How can we contribute?

Stop over consuming absolutely everything.