Don’t be fooled by the Instagram life

Reading Time: 1 minute

The natural perception of an entrepreneur, business owner or digital nomad is that their life is glamourous, picture perfect – the life anyone would dream off.

I want to list the things behind the picture:

Travelling by yourself
Driving hundreds of miles
Leaving loved ones at home
Missing parties and friends’ birthdays
Losing friends
Spending weeks in isolation
Constantly thinking and strategizing
Finding it difficult to switch off
Constantly learning and improving
Working into evenings
Working into weekends
Helping others at a higher rate than they can help themselves
Watching their friends enjoy what social culture has to offer

Why does the entrepreneur not show the process? Because they put themselves in the positions they do, in order to achieve the end result, wealth, a dream life, travelling to 5 star destinations. Therefore, they will show you the result. The process to get that result is purely a necessity.

It’s nothing to brag about, they don’t need you to have perspective.

These are just some of the personal experiences I have on a weekly basis. Behind the photographs of Instagram. The flipside to this is, the people who work with us, invest money with us, know it is these traits which ensure they get a great return.