What is the quickest way to retire?

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It isn’t that complicated.

If you work out what you want your life to look like. Is it sitting on a beach, is it writing, painting, spending time at home, full-time charity contributor or being a full-time parent.

Reverse engineer how much this life costs you.

Reduce expenses, stop buying things you don’t need.

Put that money you save towards assets which generate an income.

There are two proven assets which provide a ‘passive’ income.

Real Estate (Property)
Publicly Traded Markets

You must be aware of three challenges in achieving this goal of early retirement.

One – you potentially will end up living a settled for life, never expanding and enjoying the fruits of our amazing society.
Two – It requires intense discipline. You may have to not give in to the constant marketing of products on offer.
Three – Learn how to do either buying of stocks and holding for a long time or investing in real estate. If you don’t, you run the risk of delaying your early retirement.