What did getting my blood test open my eyes to

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This was not a normal blood test where I was trying to identify my blood type. Which as it happens I don’t know what my type is. Nor was it an unusual blood test where my ancestral heritage could be decoded. It’s probably something in between, where my blood was analysed for how healthy it is and how unhealthy it is. Something particularly cool about this form of analysis was its ability to pinpoint certain issues, in my case, with my lungs.

By the way, I am totally OK and thank you for your concern. But I may not have been. In my past career, before I became unemployable and detested the idea of a commute, I would be apart of a team of about 3-4 men (occasionally a female but its rare for the Railway Engineering industry), of which 50% were cigarette smokers. I emphasise cigarette smokers because these were the hardcore type, who invested in these packets which cost the same as purchasing gold bullion. Looking back on it this group did not get the memo that smoking cigarettes was no longer cool or the idle nature of the work made it an acceptable pass time, either way, the result of this was, I became a passive smoker.

Heres the kicker, I didn’t truly realise the impact of this till 10 years later when the blood analyst said ‘Wow, I’m glad to see your lungs are improving, have you ever been a smoker?’. Which prompted a disapproving look from my wife. The truth is, I have never smoked nor tried a cigarette (which was my appeal case on the way home to clear my name and admit ‘I had a boring’ childhood). The reality however was I had been a smoker through no obvious fault of my own.

Putting the blood test aside, which helped me describe one set of lungs (which are on the road to a full recovery ever since I altered my work drastically), let’s call that a micro-level insight. The macro-level insight, dare I say universal level insight, coincided with this article being written (was it the article which prompted the insight or something I was thinking about which this article re-affirmed, no idea):


The headline reads: Earths Ozone Layer is Healing. Which after years of passive smoking the Montreal Protocol has started to put a dent into humans ‘not so cool’ smoking habit. And what is the macro-level comparison to my micro-level changing my work environment? It’s a global pandemic (almost) instantly allowing the Earth to stop passive smoking, so hopefully, its lungs (like mine) take a much-needed opportunity to recover. Albeit for a short moment (unlike mine) in its entire existence.