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Hi, I am Harminder Toor, operating under the online profile Toor Talks. Why? I just thought it was catchy, then I claimed all the social handles and web domain. Now it is sort of too late to use my normal name. Either way you can refer to me as Harms. These are the philosophies that resonate with me and I try to stay close to:
  • Treat every year in the pursuit of wisdom, without knowing it all.
  • Have a maturity without being serious.
  • Honesty above all, it is ok to f**k up, we’ll work it out together.
  • Steal from the best and improve. Credit where credit is due.
  • In the same breath, see what the industry norm is and do the opposite.
  • Big is not better. Big is slow and entrenched.
  • Just because it’s always been done that way, doesn’t make it right.
  • Ideas are nothing without execution.
  • Kill your darlings.
  • Time spent working doesn’t equate to value. Increase your value per hour not hours of value.
  • We don’t work with horrible people. Our time and experience are both extremely valuable.
  • Help good causes for free.
(I cannot take credit for these philosophies; they are tweaked from the book ‘Be More Pirate’ by Sam Conniff Allende, my business partner Kyle Balmer and an accumulation of years of reading). Beyond this I ensure my sphere of influence is growth orientated. How I earn a living is through Property Investing & Digital Marketing. My ultimate goal is to teach, spread a positive message and have a positive influence on people around me. I hope you enjoy reading my daily blog, property letters, digital marketing notes, free stuff, podcast thoughts and watching my videos.
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