What is the quickest way to retire?

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It isn’t that complicated.

If you work out what you want your life to look like. Is it sitting on a beach, is it writing, painting, spending time at home, full-time charity contributor or being a full-time parent.

Reverse engineer how much this life costs you.

Reduce expenses, stop buying things you don’t need.

Put that money you save towards assets which generate an income.

There are two proven assets which provide a ‘passive’ income.

Real Estate (Property)
Publicly Traded Markets

You must be aware of three challenges in achieving this goal of early retirement.

One – you potentially will end up living a settled for life, never expanding and enjoying the fruits of our amazing society.
Two – It requires intense discipline. You may have to not give in to the constant marketing of products on offer.
Three – Learn how to do either buying of stocks and holding for a long time or investing in real estate. If you don’t, you run the risk of delaying your early retirement.


Are you working on the right thing?

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How does one determine what they want? This is always a difficult question to answer, people are amazing, and they are generally too busy giving to other people to ever stop and take a second to think about themselves.

So let’s rephrase it, ask yourself

Which achievements will make me really excited?

These form the foundation of what you want. Not sure what you want?

Look back at last year, what excited you the most?

When I reflected back on last year, doing my first joint venture deal on a property investment was exciting. The fact that I was able to provide a cash rich, time poor investor a positive return on their cash and add an asset to my portfolio, was exciting.

But what if last year was a bit dull?

It is now easier to categorize life into,

Business, Family, Social, Cultural, Health, Spiritual, Education.

As an example, under education, you may want to learn how to become a property investor and then buy your first investment property.

Under business, it may be to give a percentage of profit to a charity of an employees choosing.

Within health, you may want to take an ‘input detox’ by participating in a 5-day silent retreat.

The final step is to imagine you achieving these exciting goals, but constant challenges are blocking you, the challenges are relentless, they keep coming at you.

Do these challenges bother you? Or do they look tiny in comparison to the achievement?

If they excite you, you have discovered what you want.


What is the answer to most problems?

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I genuinely believe this is the answer to most problems.

Don’t have enough time in the day?
Feeling anxious about having too much to do?
No balance between business/work and family?
No time to exercise?

Just wake up earlier.

What would an extra 2 hours in your day do for you?

I know what it does for me when I am up at 6am.

I also know what it does when I don’t have 2 hours extra in the day.

This isn’t a hustle call to action.

This isn’t sleep for 4 hours because there is plenty of time to sleep when you die call to action.

Much scientific evidence exists which advises us to get 7-8 hours sleep for optimum daily performance.

Therefore, get to bed for 10:30pm and be up for 6am. It has been one of the single greatest benefits to my life. Prior to that I was going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 9am.

What was causing my terrible habit?

For some reason we find it tough to walk away from the inputs,

but it will be so worth it.

To be able to feel truly present.


What is the number one behaviour which will hold you back?

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Because of social media, comparing ourselves to someone else is happening on an instant basis. The moment you open up Facebook, Instagram. You are exposed to someone else’s life.

The obvious thought is, yeah, but that is their life in a snapshot for that present second.

But this at a deeper level is still comparing. It is our ego saying, their life won’t be as great they show it to be. Which in turn makes our life that little bit better.

For the same second.

It’s easy to say, focus on yourself. That is one of those things that are easier said than done.

So, let’s start with simply acknowledging the person you are comparing yourself to. Knowing that you are likely feeling anxious because that person is where you want to be.

In that case just understand that they are on chapter 20.

Whereas you may only be on chapter 2.

It is no longer comparable, just inspirational.

Seth Godin, who is an inspiration to me. Has over 7,000 daily blog posts.

I could try to belittle him, I could say yeah but he had money, he had this, he had that.

Or I could say I want to write every day and someday if it is right for me, I will have thousands of blogs as well.

‘What did he do to achieve this?…OK amazing…I better get to work.’

I guess the point is, if you want it like they have it. Get to work.


Should we embrace automation?

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I had the pleasure of being a passenger in Dr Ro’s, Tesla Model S. Which is extra special because the gold colour paint is now out of production.

2 hours into the drive, we had a deep conversation on property investing, business strategy, speaker coaching and personal lives.

If anyone has had an experience one to one with Dr Ro, you will know the ground he can cover within an hour, it would take someone else months.

In that time the car had driven itself.

To have gotten two hours of quality time, which would otherwise have been taken away by the drive.

Begs the question, how quickly can everyday tasks be automated?

In order to get back quality time with everyone around us.


Is daily stress wearing you out?

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Often people talk about physical health, I believe this is because it is easier, more tangible, the results of a fit body are evident. The personal trainer can show the client a before and after picture. This picture brings in more clients, leading to more talk about physical health.

Often overlooked is mental health. Probably because no one taught it at school.

One metric to look at mental health is how well are you managing stress?

Stress isn’t something you can take a picture off. Its personal and everyone manages it differently.

My example of stress may help you open up an internal discussion with yourself.

Being financially independent I now can work on things which excites me. However when I work on something, I really work on it. I don’t switch off.

What I have often have to remind myself is not everyone around me will understand this.

And this is when the stress kicks in is, neglecting those around me and falling out of life’s harmony.

This sounds like a luxury right. Sure, but I have experienced different stresses to get to this point.

Being in a full time career and building a business on the side. Managing a team of 40+ people. Sleeping in a different room so I could take phone calls from my boss. Getting told I was not good enough for a promotion. Leaving a ‘great salary’ to build a business full time.

Keep asking yourself quality questions…

How am I managing my stress? How am I taking care of my mental health?

Your mind is amazing and trust it will give you the answer.


Are online communities are the next big thing?

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Social media platforms such as Facebook are putting greater emphasis on their community features.

Promoting groups over their open news feed.

They understand two things.

Firstly, people like privacy. Privacy does not mean you are a ghost, where no one knows anything about you. It is foolish to believe that is a possibility in today’s information age.

Privacy means, being able to share your life with the people you want to share that information with.

The way we can do this is through online communities.

Secondly, the large social media platforms understand that automation will soon be wiping out thousands of jobs.

Our children who believe they are being educated correctly in readiness for the workplace will face emotional meltdown in years to come.

Parents who are proud when their child gets straight A’s in school will not know what to say to their children when faced with the question. I did everything you asked. Why has it not worked out?

A jobless society or a society where jobs are meaningless means that there will be a generation of people classed as irrelevant.

How does a generation of people who are irrelevant cope? The same way our ancestral tribes coped.



Is your Financial Adviser financially independent?

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An easy way to determine if your financial adviser is independent is to ask them.

Dear Sir/Madame,

Are you financially independent through the same products or service you advise on?
The financial life plan you advised me on, is this the same plan you, (or a variation depending on your personal situation) have trusted? Is it projected to allow you at some point in the future to enjoy financial independence?

Based on the answer to the questions, you can now sit up and make a differently informed decision.

Every product or service looks great, until the person selling you it doesn’t use it themselves.

The waitress at the restaurant we ate at yesterday recommended the vegan seitan wings. They were her favourite. Why? Because she is vegan.

This type of selling helps our decision making.

When investors lend us money for a great return. They are confident because we have been investing in that asset class for many years. If we changed asset class. They will be the first to know.


How to identify if you are a pleaser personality?

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No, you won’t automatically stop being a pleaser after my quick share.

That being said, one of the first steps to change is awareness.

Awareness of what?

In this case, being a pleaser personality, it is understanding what language you are using.

A typical example is when you arrive late to a pre-arranged meeting. You know and they know that your intention was never to be late.

Sometimes shit happens, but sometimes you have to take a good look at yourself because your poor timekeeping, is the shit that keeps happening.

Now when you arrive you have a choice in what you say the moment you arrive.

  1. I am very sorry for being late
  2. Thank you so much for waiting

Number 1 is a sign you are an apologetic pleaser. Number 2 is a sign you are grateful.

Typically, I would say I am a hybrid of both, ‘Very sorry I am late, thank you for waiting’.

I am a transitioning pleaser.


Why are you not training this muscle?

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Focus is something I am struggling with, it’s a daily tug of war.

I know if I win the tug of war it will yield great results.

To coach myself into increasing my ability to focus, I ask myself the following question

Do I spend most of my time on one task or am I constantly flipping between tasks?

Before I started asking this question I was notorious for flipping between tasks and I could not figure out why. I began researching the concept and found a book called ‘Deep Work’.

The author explains there are two types of work, deep work & shallow work.

Deep work is work done on high-value tasks without distraction and Shallow work is low value tasks which involves lots of task switching

It has been proven scientifically that we leave what is known as task residue when we move from one thing to another, there is a part of our thinking still focused on the previous task.

The task was therefore to spend longer on one task completely distraction free.

The book explains it is a muscle, which is getting weaker and weaker in today’s Information Age. As we are constantly bombarded with advertisements, opinions, news headlines, videos and the need to check if you got another like on your post.

The book was right, the muscle began to strengthen to a point where I now work from between 7am to 10pm only stopping for the annoying human body things.

The main reason why we need to spend time in deep work is this is when we will produce our absolute best work.