Need Digital Marketing

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Need digital marketing?

I am a co-owner of a boutique digital marketing company called B Street Digital.

B Street has an exclusive client cap to ensure we keep a personal relationship with all of our clients and add as much value as possible.

Each business has the benefit of using the in-house BATON marketing & business system and a fixed pricing structure. To read more about the BATON marketing & business system click here.

If you need digital marketing assistance, we can work together in four key ways:

I want FREE training

My digital marketing blog features free articles and thoughts on digital marketing for your business. Just click here to have a read though.


Our head of digital marketing, Kyle Balmer, and I can come and consult on your business’s current state of digital marketing.

This is for businesses who want digital marketing advice and strategy direction.

  • Consult with company partners with combined 15 years’ experience in business and digital marketing
  • Save time researching by finding out exactly what digital marketing your business needs
  • Ignore the noise – Social media? Content marketing? Ads? SEO? Podcast? – we will advise the correct tools and techniques to be using now and in the near future to reach your business goals
  • A How-to-guide, providing your internal team a blueprint to follow
  • 100+ page business and marketing report bespoke to your business
  • Learn more about our consultancy

This is for small to medium size businesses who want to get set up and then continue the work themselves

  • One-off fee, meaning no contracts
  • The highest time-consuming tasks handled by us
  • All done for you – research, content plan, SEO work, branding, landing page, copywriting
  • 1 hours’ worth of video content processed and advertised to correct target audience
  • FREE domain hosting for landing page and emails
  • Digital marketing curriculum for free so you or your team can continue the work – coming soon
  • Learn more about the Launchpad
For medium to large businesses who know they need a complete digital marketing partner
  • We are a bespoke full-service business & digital marketing agency
  • With our business & marketing partners we have the skillset and experience to understand and implement a digital marketing strategy bespoke to your business model
  • Helping you reach your desired audience and turn them into your tribe
  • Presenting that tribe with your offer
  • All ultimately, increasing your revenue, increasing your brands awareness and protecting its reputation
  • Three transparent levels of service depending on what your business has in place currently
  • Want to see our transparent pricing plans? Click here
  • Have us contact you within 1 business day, just complete the short form
  • Contact me personally and we can arrange a conversation