Why perfection is slowing you down

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Perfection is simply a disguise for fear.

Fear they won’t like it, fear they will laugh, fear it won’t make any sales, fear it will get a bad review.

The thought of perfection forgets two things:

There are 7 billion people on this planet. Of which you cannot possibly know what they are all thinking. Therefore it’s impossible to know what the end judgement will be.


To worry about something that has not happened yet removes you from the present time. Which means you are not living.

Seek the thrill of doing something now. Post it, write it, draw it, build it, say it, film it. Share it.

Whatever you create. If it is from a place of honesty, integrity and authenticity.

Then it already is perfect.


What is the answer to most problems?

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I genuinely believe this is the answer to most problems.

Don’t have enough time in the day?
Feeling anxious about having too much to do?
No balance between business/work and family?
No time to exercise?

Just wake up earlier.

What would an extra 2 hours in your day do for you?

I know what it does for me when I am up at 6am.

I also know what it does when I don’t have 2 hours extra in the day.

This isn’t a hustle call to action.

This isn’t sleep for 4 hours because there is plenty of time to sleep when you die call to action.

Much scientific evidence exists which advises us to get 7-8 hours sleep for optimum daily performance.

Therefore, get to bed for 10:30pm and be up for 6am. It has been one of the single greatest benefits to my life. Prior to that I was going to sleep at 1am and waking up at 9am.

What was causing my terrible habit?

For some reason we find it tough to walk away from the inputs,

but it will be so worth it.

To be able to feel truly present.