Ignorance on earthly matters is no longer an option

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In a time where there are still frequent attacks of terror, war still wages on, large corporations only mission is growth, ecosystems are lost for ever, leaders of the free world brush aside climate change and the middle class grows therefore so does consumption.

It is worth reminding ourselves that the planet earth, whether it is flat, round, triangular or hexagonal – has existed for 4.543 billion years.

And us humans have existed for about 200,000 years of this.

So, within an incredibly short time frame we have potentially taken the planet to a point it cannot come back from.

Imagine this, an 80-year-old woman has had a fantastic life, unbelievable. Then at the age of 81 she is attacked. At the age of 82 she robbed. At the age of 83 she no longer wants to live.

This is no different to what we have done to planet earth.

The optimist in me however believes we will turn this around as the consciousness raises in the younger generations. Their beliefs are now being championed by influential celebrities who risk their careers by making a stand for some of the most important issues of our time.

We are now seeing:

Children across Europe strike for climate change

Reducing the plastic footprint

Moving to a plant-based diet

Protecting endangered wildlife ecosystems

The optimistic in me believes we have a chance.

How can we contribute?

Firstly, don’t be ignorant on the subject. Get yourself aware and educated.

Don’t believe in any of this? Believe that climate change doesn’t exist? Believe that the meat and dairy industry have no effect on the planet?

Fast forward 200 years, and just say for instance it all turned out to be true. How would you explain this to your great, great, great grandchildren?

Or is that also the job of your countries leaders? Would you want to take the chance?

Raise your awareness, consciousness, common sense and get educated on the subject!

It will drive better decisions. I am not saying go all eco, change your way of live drastically, stop using electricity.

We demanded this convenience and the corporations supplied it. This is not on them.

How can we contribute?

Stop over consuming absolutely everything.