Is it worthwhile tuning into the BBO.SHOW?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Like most online business and digital marketing questions we get, the answer is, it depends. So the next question is, what does it depend on?

But before I get into that let me talk through what the BBO.SHOW is through my personal lens. I say personal because I have a co-host. If someone follows anything I do online you are probably wondering, ‘Harms, don’t you do anything by yourself?’. The answer as it currently stands is, ‘that is way less fun than having a buddy to do it with’.

My property business has as a buddy – my wife. The Growth Tribes Podcast has a buddy – Dr Ro. My digital marketing agency has a whole bunch of buddies. And the BBO.SHOW has a buddy – Kyle Balmer.

Back to what the BBO.SHOW is. BBO stands for Building Businesses Online. Which is way too long of a phrase to have used as the show title, so we will have to await the adoption of the acronym BBO over time. BBO.SHOW is a way in which Kyle and I can share online business ‘how-to’ with an audience who may currently be mystified by the whole concept of being able to make money online.

The mystical feeling around online business comes from the lack of differentiating tools & techniques from sound business principles. Search Engine Optimisation, Fulfilled by Amazon, Dropshipping, Teeshirt print on demand, Landing Pages, Chat Bots, Social Media, Facebook Advertising, Linked In Organic Reach, Funnels – are what we would consider a tool or technique. 

A business, however, works on the basis that there is an idea/product/service that the market wants/needs. Attracts an audience to this idea/product/service. Builds trust with this audience in exchange for permission to market to them (we call this a tribe). Offering the tribe the idea/product/service. Finally scaling once your idea/product/service is profitable. 

You may be reading this thinking, ‘that process you just described sounds like a classic (boring) business’. Your thinking is absolutely correct. Which leads me back to the BBO.SHOW and what it is. It’s about the transference of these boring business fundamentals (which we define within the acronym BATON) to the online world. Because although the shiny tools & techniques glisten on your news feed and therefore grab our attention, we shouldn’t miss the fact that online business is just a business.

So is listening to the show worthwhile? It depends on your focus. If your focus is to discover how to create a sustainable business online then absolutely. If your focus is for a quick win using a shiny tool & technique then definitely not.


What is digital marketing?

Reading Time: 2 minutesRecently in preparation for a talk I had to revisit this core question. Being involved in the day to day running of a Digital Marketing agency and consultancy I take for granted the useful definitions which define the work we do.

The best place to start is by splitting the word Digital Marketing into two components. Digital & Marketing.

The first component we will look at is marketing. Why? Because it is the foundation component for which everything else is built on. Marketing is best defined by the Seth Godin:

‘Marketing makes change happen by promising someone if you spend your time or money with me, your life will change.’

Therefore, it is important we understand marketing is a philosophy first before a how to. Seth Godin then goes on to discuss three questions to ask, when putting together a marketing plan:

What change do you want to make?

Who do you want to make this change for?

What promise are you making?

The more niche and specific you can answer these questions, the greater your marketing will be. Many business owners will skip this part and retrospectively work out why things are not quite as expected, not enough sales, wrong customers, customer complaints, undelivered promises.

Ultimately if you are asking for someone’s time and money, the change better be guaranteed.

Marketing is therefore a philosophy in order for you to define the change you want to make happen.

That brings us on to component 2. Digital. These are the tools and ecosystem for where you present your potential customers with the promise. It may also be the same place where you make the change happen.

Typical tools used to successfully present your prospects with your promise are websites, podcasts, landing pages, email marketing, lead magnets, pay per click, online advertising, e-commerce sites.

If you are business owner, solo entrepreneur, self-employed, freelancer or employee, understanding the 2 components which make up digital marketing will allow you to elevate the type of conversation you have with a client, service provider, digital marketer. Including hiring accordingly. Often component 1, marketing must come from within the company or through specialist consultants. Component 2, digital can be outsourced to an agency.