What stands out to me when I am around high achievers?

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I was not sure what word to describe these people as, so I used high achievers, these are their characteristics. By the way see if you recognise any of them in the people around you (or even within yourself)

  • Entrepreneurial instincts
  • Optimistic about everything
  • Very little negative language patterns
  • Do-ers
  • Problem solvers
  • Collaborative yet still feel the competitive urge
  • Rapid decision makers
  • Balanced logically and emotionally
  • Extreme self awareness
  • Radical open mindedness
  • Rational though observing and seeking out objective truths

(As I was writing this I wanted to include: often are wealthy, business owners and financially independent however this I feel is a byproduct of the above traits)

Does this instantly make you think of anyone? Maybe even yourself?

Now with these traits in mind, what stands out to me as clear as the West Yorkshire steams where I currently reside?

Again and again I watch as these people handle with ease, events that would consume normal peoples lives.

Events such as moving house, arranging holidays, home renovations, investment commitments, career transitions, starting a new business, pursuing a passion of theirs, learning something new, experiencing bad news and much more.

You place any one of these events in to normal persons life and it consumes their thoughts, conversations and behaviour.

You place any of these events into a high achievers life and its just a done deal.

I have sitting on the bookshelf, ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s all small stuff’ and I don’t have any pull to read it at the moment because I am seeing it in these high achievers all around me.