Stewardship of the planet

Reading Time: 1 minute

Imagine as a human collective we were souls. After death being re-born.

Not a new concept.

We are re-born into a new human vessel, to continue the stewardship of the planet and its new children. Our consciousness evolves after each rebirth & therefore our collective consciousness heightens.

What does a heightened collective consciousness look like. Think about the most influential souls on the planet.

They want to free people
Replant destroyed forests
Protect endangered animal species
Move to a plant-based diet
Invest in the least funded nations
Share information freely
Connect people from one side of the planet to another
Allow travel to experience different cultures

To appreciate the planet and its children.

These actions are of those with a heightened consciousness.

If we do happen to be souls who return again, to continue our true job, a steward to the planet and a guide for the children.

Then we have a strong reason to be for positive change.

To give our souls and the souls of our children a beautiful planet to return to.