Are you working on the right thing?

Reading Time: 1 minute

How does one determine what they want? This is always a difficult question to answer, people are amazing, and they are generally too busy giving to other people to ever stop and take a second to think about themselves.

So let’s rephrase it, ask yourself

Which achievements will make me really excited?

These form the foundation of what you want. Not sure what you want?

Look back at last year, what excited you the most?

When I reflected back on last year, doing my first joint venture deal on a property investment was exciting. The fact that I was able to provide a cash rich, time poor investor a positive return on their cash and add an asset to my portfolio, was exciting.

But what if last year was a bit dull?

It is now easier to categorize life into,

Business, Family, Social, Cultural, Health, Spiritual, Education.

As an example, under education, you may want to learn how to become a property investor and then buy your first investment property.

Under business, it may be to give a percentage of profit to a charity of an employees choosing.

Within health, you may want to take an ‘input detox’ by participating in a 5-day silent retreat.

The final step is to imagine you achieving these exciting goals, but constant challenges are blocking you, the challenges are relentless, they keep coming at you.

Do these challenges bother you? Or do they look tiny in comparison to the achievement?

If they excite you, you have discovered what you want.