Paid community vs. FREE community

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I have always believed you get what you pay for.

I personally have paid to be a part of tribes, communities, business groups, mastermind groups, group classes.

Every single time I gained value.

Why? The answer is simple, incentives.

Before we look at a paid community. Let’s look at a FREE community.

A classic example is a networking meet or a FREE Facebook group.

For them to stay financially viable they will need to promote something. Simply understanding that most people need an income to survive will allow you to appreciate, that in order for a FREE group to stay valuable, there will be lots of promotion, advertisement and third party selling.

That is ok, because that is how the people organising the networking meet or free Facebook group make it viable financially and attract new members.

The challenge with a free group is, you join it because you think it is free. However, you are actually paying, with your attention.

If we understand that our attention is valuable, then to be honest, you would stop joining free Facebook groups. The counter argument to this is, yeah but there will be some good information in the group/networking meet every now and then. I don’t disagree, but now we are putting a worth on your attention. In this case your attention is not worth a lot, because you are willing to see 9 promotions for 1 piece of valuable information.

Alternatively, a paid community is open and honest with its incentive. Pay for access.

This immediately filters out everyone who has a low worth on their attention. Ok but what is in it of the organisers, hosts or leaders of the community? Now the business is getting paid they can focus on providing value and service to the community.

This value can come in the form of, expert information, curated content, packaged information, exclusive access, like-minded people, mentorship, coaching.

The paid community will have its own challenges, ensuring they are producing exclusive content, community management, creating a level of exclusivity around the community (trying not to drop the prices as a means of driving volume), delivering on their promises, churn, marketing and a positive culture.

But these challenges are what you pay the community organisers to handle.

I personally remember people bewildered at the fact I paid to be a part of private communities. But this soon was in my rear-view mirror as my relationships strengthened, my expert knowledge increased, I was constantly inspired by the others in the group, my business expanded and got to meet some incredible leaders.

If you have put off joining a private paid community because of the words of others. Put it into context.

It is ok to pay for your gym membership which gives you access to the best yoga, spin, fitness teachers.

It is ok to pay your annual chartership membership, to create authority in your workplace.

It is ok to pay for your monthly magazine subscription, to get non bias curated articles.

It is ok to pay to be around like-minded people.


Make it easier to absorb information

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When speaking to a friend, colleague, family member, business partner, pretty much anyone.

Where the person has a full life. By this, I don’t mean they are busy being busy. I mean they are busy by design. They intentionally live each day to the fullest. Intentionally chose where they allocate their time, to be the happiest.

This doesn’t mean they don’t want to connect with you.

In fact, you will get a better response from them if you respect the fact they value their time.

How to, then get a better response from them?

Note, you have to have a relationship with them and an understanding of a two-way interaction for this to be applicable.

Simply use a subject header and keep your message specific to that subject.
A bonus is to advise them how urgently you need a response.

For example

Subject: Numbers on a property purchase in Liverpool

I have just had a deal come through to me from a trusted sourcing agent. I have a query on the numbers, and I am using investors’ money, so want to be double certain these numbers stack up. I have sent a picture/pdf through of the numbers.

Please, can you give me your thoughts, maybe I am overlooking something?

A WhatsApp or a voice note would be great. It doesn’t need a face to face or phone call unless you think otherwise.

Response by Friday 12pm if possible, please. I respect the fact that you may not have a chance to respond.

Here is an example of not respecting someone’s time:

Hey how are you, saw you pictures on Instagram the other day, that looked like a lot of fun. I was wondering if you could help. I have been keeping myself busy and have a deal pop up from a sourcing agent. They are very good and a lot of people I know have used them before and explained their service and manging of the process was excellent. As you know I am new to this so wondering if you could help me double check the numbers, I am free to talk on the phone or come meet you face to face. I will get the details emailed out to yourself or bring them to the meeting whatever you prefer. I know you have spoken about the Liverpool are having its pro’s and cons, so wanted your thoughts on the area as well. Maybe you know someone one there I can be put in touch with to move the purchase along. Let me know whenever works for yourself. On another note, that project we started a couple of months ago is coming along well. I think a couple more marketing pushes and we will begin seeing traction. Anyways looking forward to your response.

Can you hear the difference?